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The Many Uses of Hemp

The World’s Most Valuable & Versatile Natural Resource

    Presented as a public service by BACH, Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp, P.O. Box 71093, L.A., CA 90071-0093, 310/288-4152. Recommended reading: The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer.

Seeds for food & oil:

    Hemp seeds contain complete, easily digestable protein and are the highest source of essential fatty acids in the plant kingdom. (25% LNA & 55% LA)

Stems for fabric, fuel, paper, & commercial use.

    Hemp is dried and broken down into two parts: threadlike fibers and bits of “hurd,” or pulp. Each of these products has its own distinct applications:

    The fiber strands are spun into thread, which is either made into rope or woven into durable, high quality textiles and made into clothing, sails, fine linens, and fabrics of all types and textures.

    The fragments of dried stalk that remain are hurds — 77% cellulose — that can be made into tree-free, dioxin-free paper; non-toxic paints and sealants; industrial fabrication materials; construction materials; plastics; and much, much more! Hemp is the best source of plant pulp for biomass fuel to make gas, charcoal, methanol, gasoline, or even produce electricity. MU9201

Flowers for healing & relaxation:

    Hemp has long-recognized medical value for easing pain, relieving stress, and treating illnesses from glaucoma to asthma to nausea and beyond. Cannabis flowers and leaves are also smoked or eaten for many therapeutic, religious, and relaxational purposes.

Rooted in America:

    Even hemp roots play an important role: they anchor and invigorate the soil to control erosion and mudslides. Hemp can save family farms, create jobs, reduce acid rain and chemical pollution, and reverse the Greenhouse effect.

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