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A Roundup of Hearst’s Hysterical Headlines:    This is what current hemp laws are based on.


    Physicians Called On to Urge Harding Bid All Nations Meet to Throttle Dope At Its Source; United States Laws Too Lenient

    “The Federal Government, operating under the Harrison Act, and the amending Jones-Miller bill, employs one hundred and seventy-three narcotic enforcement agents. For their year’s labors Congress appropriates the sum of $750,000. The country is divided into thirteen districts under as many district chiefs, and their agents must cover the country. It is a feeble appropriation and a woefully light brigade.” — Sydney Howard in current issue of Hearts’s International.

HOOVER SEES END OF JAZZ IN RADIO                           Better Programmes Held Big Need at Present



    In the mid-1930s, Harry Anslinger went around the country giving his speeches to judges, police, unions, etc., on the evils of marijuana.

    Here is one of his favorite metaphors, which, he assured his naïve, supportive audiences, was not an overstatement!

    “If the hideous monster Frankenstein came face to face with the monster marihuana he would drop dead of fright.”

Crusade Against Marihuana


    A Nationwide crusade of American women against the menace of marihuana smoking has been launched by the Women’s National Exposition of Arts and Industries in New York City.

    H.J. Anslinger, head of the Federal Narcotics Bureau, explained to the group the urgent necessity of NATIONAL ACTION.

    Declaring that marihuana smoking is “taking our youth like wildfire,” Mr. Anslinger said:

    “If the hideous monster Frankenstein came face to face with the monster marihuana he would drop dead of fright.”

    This is not an overstatement.

    Users of the marihuana weed are committing a large percentage of the atrocious crimes blotting the daily picture of American life.

    It is reducing thousands of boys to CRIMINAL INSANITY.

    And ONLY TWO STATES have effective laws to protect their people against it.

    The marihuana weed, according to Mr. Anslinger, is grown, sold and USED in every State in the Union.

    He charges, and rightly, that this is not a responsibility of one State, but OF ALL — and of the Federal Government.

    American women, aroused to this DANGER, will GET ACTION.

    In New York State organized groups of women are GETTING ACTION by demanding enactment of the McNaboe bill creating a State Narcotics Bureau. That Bureau would replace the existing one-man Narcotics Division, which is powerless to cope with the fact that eighty percent of New York’s criminals are narcotics addicts.

Hotel Clerk Identifies Marihuana Smoker As ‘Wild Gunman’ Arrested for Shootings

    A hungry-looking transient picked off the street was linked Friday to the strange shootings two week ends in a row of two elderly hotel clerks.

    He was identified as John Kelly Stephens, 30, a onetime state hospital inmate and admitted marihuana user.

    He was held on two charges under $15,000 bail: assault with intent to rob and assault with intent to kill.

    Detectives Bob McKeown and Joseph Biewitt, Stephens admitted he had been drinking heavily, used marihuana, and could not remember all his actions.

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