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    The “catch” is obvious: The energy companies! They own most of the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, liquor, and tobacco companies, and are intertwined with insurance companies and banks.

    According to the press, many politicians now in power, are bought and paid for by the energy companies, and their U.S. government arm is the CIA—“The Company” —(Robert Ludlum, etc.). The Bush/Quayle administration was uniquely tied to oil, newspapers, pharmaceuticals—and the CIA.

    The world struggle for money is actually a struggle for energy, as it is through energy that we may produce food, shelter, transportation, and entertainment. It is this struggle which often erupts into open war. If we remove the cause, these conflicts may never occur.

    (Carl Sagan; and U.S. EPA prediction, 1983, of world-wide disaster in the making within 30 to 50 years.)

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