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    Biochemical resources obtained from hemp can be used for literally tens of thousands of other products from paint to dynamite. Each application means new business opportunities and new jobs.

    As each new hemp trade develops, money will flow from it to re-energize seemingly unrelated areas of the economy. The American worker and soon-to-be-rich entrepreneurs will bring millions of new jobs and new products to the marketplace.

    They will also buy millions of homes, cars, and other non-hemp goods—or will they be hemp also?—thus stimulating a real economic expansion based on the “ripple-out” effect, rather than former president Reagan’s voo-doo “trickle-down” economies which, in fact, pumped money directly into the bloodstream of corporate America rather than benefitting the America’s heartland

    Revived farms mean more purchases of equipment and each new business creates spin-off jobs in the shipping, marketing, and commodities areas.

    Farms, banks, and investment houses would also realize large profits, and the billions of hemp-dollars in the legitimate economy would increase tax revenues and increase the liquid capital available for investment and purchasing of consumer goods.

    Federal, state, and local governments would realize a windfall of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues without raising taxes or insanely continuing to poison the Earth.*

    * “If the marijuana market was legal, state and federal governments would collect billions of dollars annually,” assistant professor of politics at Princeton University, Ethan Nadleman said. “Instead, they expend billions in what amounts to a subsidy of organized criminals.” (L.A. Times, Nov. 20, 1989, pg. A-18.)

    George Soros’ Lindesmith Foundation is supporting many of the medical marijuana state initiatives currently going around the United States.

    In fact, the Lindesmith Foundation, along with the Drug Policy Foundation, financially supported Dennis Peron’s medical marijuana initiative (Proposition 215) in California, that passed in 1996.

    In 1997-98, Soros funded medical marijuana initiatives in such states as Washington, Oregon, Washington, D.C., Maine, and Colorado, and helped fund the referendum that was successful in stopping Oregon’s legislature and governor from re-criminalizing cannabis in June 1997.

Weed Not Greed

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