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    We contend that America’s marijuana/hemp laws are like the Emperor’s clothes! Like tyrants and prohibitionists in the past, this Emperor relies on brute force, intimidation, fear, and a police state to maintain his authoritarian, despotic reign while draining the federal treasury and dismantling all vestiges of the Bill of Rights while imprisoning innocent souls.

    Our great country was founded on the principles that each person has “inalienable rights” to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and that each person has the responsibility of maintaining these rights by casting her or his individual ballot.

    It is a criminal offense for officials or executives of the U.S. government to direct or conspire to wage a deliberate campaign of misinformation, omission of fact, and outright lies with our tax dollars.

    On the subject of cannabis, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and now even Bill Clinton, have acted the part of the Emperor. We might add that Nancy Reagan has acted the part of the evil and ruthless Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland who decreed, “Sentence now—verdict later!”.

    Past and present Drug Czars Carlton Turner, William Bennett, Bill Martinez, Lee Brown, and now General Barry McCaffrey acting the parts of the Emperor’s advisors, have all upheld the fallacy of the “pure fabric that only the purest eyes may see,” woven for them originally by Anslinger/DuPont/Hearst and their malevolent police-state bureaucrats. Now it is co-maintained by energy, pharmaceutical, alcohol/beer companies, drug rehab professionals, drug testers, police, prison guards, and prison builders—all with enormous financial interests and police-state motives.

    When agents of the U.S. government deliberately act or conspire this way—be they President, Vice President, National Drug Czar, head of the DEA, FBI, or CIA—they should be imprisoned. And in an honest American society, they would be held accountable for the 14 million years they’ve already sentenced so many Americans for the “crime” of pot.

    Our Federal bureaucracies and the U.S. Supreme Court are rapidly chipping away at our freedoms as outlined in the Bill of Rights (written on hemp paper). Hemp/marijuana has become their principal excuse for taking away our guaranteed Constitutional rights—more so than all other crimes, police actions, insurgencies, strikes, uprisings, and wars in the last 200 years combined! And the loss basic freedoms is even worse in our satellite Central and South American countries, where their leaders have acted at America’s official behest.

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