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Enron Secretly funded attacks on Democrats!

In a shocking new development in the Enron scandal, Newsweek has divulged
that Enron gave $50,000 to its $700,000 a year lobbyist and prominent
G.O.P. Operative Ed Gillespie to make alliances with conservative groups
in order to launch partisan attacks against Democrats.

The bombshell report demolishes the Republican argument, used to deflect
criticism about Enron, that both parties were equally tainted by the
collapsed corrupt energy giant.

It is well known that three-quarters of Enron's campaign money went to
Republicans and that, according to the Democratic National Committee, the
amount of money that Enron gave to GWB alone greatly surpassed that given
to all Democrats combined.

But now we know that the Enron-GOP partisan alliance went far beyond that
-- into targeting Democrats and their pro-environment supporters for
direct political attack. The story first emerged two weeks ago, when the Los Angeles Times reported
on Gillespie's 21st Century Energy Council, a consortium of energy
companies and conservative groups (including Grover Norquist's American
Conservative Union) that formed in 2001.

According to the Times, Gillespie aimed to use the group in order, as he
said in one secret memo, to "Carterize the Democrats," and make them into
"the 'eat your peas' party," as a means to push the Bush Administration's
energy plan and disarm environmental protection.

Now Newsweek has confirmed that the funding for the group came not from
the entire consortium, but from a select group of Gillespie's clients --
including Enron, which contributed $50,000 to the partisan effort.
Unfortunately, Newsweek seems unaware of the partisan uses to which the
money was put. But it's all plain as day in the LA Times article.
So, Enron has been putting up big bucks to attack Democrats, as well as to
support Republicans. Partisan? You bet.

This explosive development begs the question that the media should be
asking of Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration, concerning the furious
effort to hide and protect the Cheney Energy Task Force report.
What did Dick Cheney know about the latest revelation about Enron, and
when did he know it?

And why was a G.O.P. operative and close ally of the Bush White House, Ed
Gillespie, using Enron money to attack Democrats?
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