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~Jello BiafraFrom: Marijuana Policy Project <mpp@mpp.org>
Reply-To: mpp@mpp.org
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 14:26:03 +0000
To: mppupdates@igc.topica.com
Subject: DEA Is Banning Certain Hemp Products

Please forward to friends and family across the United States,
or direct them to http://www.SaveHemp.org

TO: concerned U.S. citizens
FROM: Chris Hammond, J.D., director of government relations
DATE: December 10, 2001
RE: DEA's new hemp regulations will expand its war on U.S. citizens
The Marijuana Policy Project typically does not involve itself in
hemp-related issues, primarily because people are almost never
arrested and imprisoned for hemp law violations.

Unfortunately, the DEA's new hemp regulations could change this,
threatening literally millions of Americans with arrest simply for
possessing food products that contain non-psychoactive hemp seeds or
hemp seed oil. We urge you to take action immediately by visiting

The DEA is claiming that trace amounts of THC in hemp could interfere
with drug-testing, alleging that people who test positive for
marijuana could claim that it was really the consumption of hemp
products that caused a positive urine test. (THC is the primary active
ingredient in marijuana. While some -- but not all -- hemp products
contain trace amounts of THC, there is no evidence that the
consumption of hemp products causes a "false positive" reading for
marijuana in drug tests.)

Unfortunately, the DEA is using this justification to ban many hemp products,
making it a federal crime to consume, possess, distribute, or sell non-psychoactive
hemp productsthat contain trace amounts -- even just a few molecules -- of THC.
People who are found guilty of such hemp crimes face federal prison
time -- even a five-year mandatory minimum prison sentence if they
possess 220 pounds of hemp food, as many hemp food distributors and
health food stores do.

Instead of proposing a rule on hemp that would be subject to public
hearings and debate, the DEA has resorted to the devious strategy of
bringing its hemp ban in through the backdoor, thus avoiding the
democratic process entirely. By claiming to be "interpreting" current
law instead of proposing a new rule, the DEA is attempting to protect
its ban on hemp from public challenge.

We do not accept the DEA's premise that its rule is merely an
"interpretation" that isn't worthy of public comment. Please visit
http://www.SaveHemp.org to send a letter to your state and federal
legislators to alert them about the DEA's new war.

(You may have sent letters to Congress last year when the rumors about
the DEA's plans first surfaced. If so, it is still important for you
to contact your elected officials now, as they need to be encouraged
to take action now to oppose the DEA's new regulations. Please visit
http://www.SaveHemp.org today!)
* The DEA has "interpreted" existing federal law to mean that hemp
foods that contain trace amounts of THC have been illegal since
1970. Anyone possessing such hemp food products is now subject to
federal prosecution and imprisonment.
* Hemp personal care products can only be consumed and produced at
one's own risk, since the DEA says it can arrest someone for using
hemp shampoo and then leave it to the individual to prove that the
product does not cause any THC to "enter the human body."
* Hemp paper, rope, and similar products will remain legal.
The DEA is only able to justify its war on hemp because marijuana is
prohibited. If marijuana were legally regulated, then the DEA would
not be able to claim that hemp products that contain THC are illegal.
To help MPP in its battle against the DEA -- and MPP's effort to end
the war on all marijuana users -- please join MPP and/or donate at
-- end --
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