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Hemp & The Marijuana Conspiracy:


The Authorative Historical Record of Cannabis and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana


Cover, book design, and 11th Edition editing by Lesie Cabarga

Edited by Jeff Myers, Jeremy Stout, Ellen Komp, Lynn and Judy Osburn, Chris Conrad, Bryce Garner, and Carolee Wilson

    © 1998 by Jack Herer. ISBN: 1-878125-02-8 • Library of Congress No. 90-164252 All rights reserved. Revised, updated, and expanded edition • 11th edition, 12th printing. This book or portions thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the specific written permission of the publisher. Printed in the U.S.A. at Paper Master Trade Printing, Phoenix, AZ.

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    First printing, May, 1985. 2nd printing December, 1985. 3rd printing September, 1986. 4th printing October, 1986. 5th printing March, 1990. 6th printing September, 1990. 7th printing April, 1991. 8th printing May, 1992. 9th printing October, 1993. 10th printing March, 1995. 11th printing October, 1995. 11th edition, 12th printing August, 1998.

    Revised and Expanded 1995 edition: March, 1995.

    Revised and Expanded 1993/94 edition: October, 1993. Production by BACH. Cover illustration by Chris Conrad.

    Revised 1992 edition: May, 1992. Production courtesy of Access Unlimited. Cover illustration by Chris Conrad.

    Revised 1991 edition: April, 1991. Production courtesy of Access Unlimited and BACH

    First fully revised, updated, and re-documented edition: designed by Chris Conrad, edited by Chris Conrad, Lynn & Judy Osburn, March, 1990, HEMP Publishing, 5632 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91401. Production courtesy of the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH).

    Revised Editions: 1985, 1986. ISBN # 1-878125-001.

    Reprint Acknowledgments: The Author would like to acknowledge the kind permission of the Portland, Oregon, The Oregonian; Larry Sloman (Reefer Madness); High Times Magazine; Dean Latimer (Flowers in the Blood); Lindsey Bradshaw (Tar Baby); and Harper and Row Publishers (The Dope Chronicles) for allowing us to reprint or excerpt so many of their essays, articles, and commentaries.

    We apologize if any copyrights have been infringed regarding any article, photograph, or graphic in this book or its appendices, and hasten to add that great pains have been expended to locate present copyright owners of the several hundred separate items which appear herein. We have endeavored to give credit whenever possible, and will pay an appropriate use fee upon presentation of copyright ownership and documentation.

    Our thanks to the Following: Ron Diamond and George Khair of Acme Filmworks; Robert Rex of The Friendly Chameleon; Michael Stier of Corbis-Bettman Archives for the photographs on pages: 3, 4, 33, 36-37, 69, 76, 88, 97, and 100; Mari Kane of Hemp World; Michael Kieffer Archives; Sherwin Dunner Archives; Irv Papermaster and Toni Kleinman of Papermaster Printing; Jon Jonik; F. Alexander Magoun, The Frigate Constitution; Bettman Archives; Harper and Row; San Francisco Examiner; San Francisco Chronicle; Chicago Herald-Examiner; Chicago Tribune; N.Y. Herald; L.A. Times; L.A. Herald-Examiner; L.A. Daily News; Rolling Stone magazine; Popular Mechanics magazine; Hearst Publishing Company; High Times Encyclopedia; Reader’s Digest; Colliers Encyclopedia; New World Encyclopedia; Encyclopædia Brittanica; Science Digest; Omni Magazine; N.Y.U. News Service; Robert McThomas; James J. Kirkpatrick; Mike Royko; Rick Hampson; Jess Riggenbach; Deb DeMoss; Art Harris; Phillip Hager; Playboy Magazine; USA Today; Trevor McKlatchy News Service; UPI; AP; Universal Press; L.A. Times / Washington Post News Service; CNN; Tribune Media; ABC-TV News; NBC-TV News; CBS-TV News; Newsweek; Time; Science Digest; In These Times; Greenpeace magazine; The Guardian; Reason magazine; San Jose Mercury News; Orange County Register; Garry Trudeau; Civil Liberties; Wall Street Journal; Ann Landers; Oklahoma City Times; Athens Messenger; Athens News; Athens Post; National Enquirer; Cato Institute; Security magazine; Christic Institute; Common Sense for America; Public Citizen; and all the rest of the media and researchers that document our “American Experience,” from which we learn—or be doomed to repeat.

    And to Those Who Helped on Past Editions of “The Emperor”: For my friends who have especially supported this work and me for years: Captain Edwin Adair III; his lady, Willie Rosson; my friend “A” or “C”, a.k.a. John Jay Greenfields; J.R.; P; Dobie Don; David & Debbie; Jay Lynn, who may be the world’s most brilliant and interesting etymologist and philologist; and to my sons, who kept me going for two years of sabbatical so I could research, write, and re-write this book. And finally, I dedicate this work to the hundreds of individual California Marijuana Initiative and Oregon Marijuana Initiative petitioners arrested between 1980-98 while petitioning legally to put this issue on the ballot.

    Special Acknowledgments to: Bruce Anderson and Hans Georg Behr for incredible insights into some of the far corners of world class scholarship on hemp and darn near anything else. To Bryce Garner for his day-to-day dedication given to this endeavor in incredibly selfless doses for months; including editorship and comment. For proofreading and editing assistance: Carolee Wilson, Jim Carner, Rachel Shepard, Daryl Mauer, Susan O’Donnell-Church, Bob Chieger, Mary Balleta, Andy Kowl, Clark Jones, Eddy Gordon, and Tod Mikuriya, M.D. To manuscript typists Vanetta Mayo and Laurie Weiner. John Zimmer for typesetting. Ben Masel and Dana Beal for their belief in this project, Howard for the space to do this work in, and Stephan for the memories.

Special 1998 Dedications:

    To my children: Barry, Daniel, Mark, River, Chanci, and B.J., and to a future in which the natural things are not outlawed—so that they may have a future.

    And to: “The Duchess of Hemp” Patricia Anne Steward, who for the past 8 years has worked unceasingly, getting the hemp information out to so many people in places where formerly we had little influence.

    Also to: Michael Kleinman for adding his support to this 1998 edition of The Emperor, and for helping to make the cry of hemp freedom heard from Coast to Coast with his endless energy on behalf of us all.

Thank You.

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