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The Properties of Hemp

From a medieval herbal manuscript:

    Hemp seed taken largely in meat, wakes up the natural seed. The juice of green hemp is good against the ache of the ear, if it be poured in. Simeon Sethy writes, “Hemp seed, if it be taken out of measure, takes men’s wits from them.” As Coriader does, “The powder of dried leaves of hemp makes men drunken.” Pliny writes that the juice of hemp put into ones ears kills worms and all beasts that are in the ear, but it makes the head ache. Hemp is of such a nature that it can congeal the water and make it go together, and therefore it is good for beasts stomachs, drunken in water. The root soaked in water makes soft the joints and are drunken together for gout and like diseases. He says it is also good to be laid upon burned places, but it must be often changed that it dry not. Kioscoudes makes mention of another kind of wild hemp which some reckon to be eupatium bulgar, but it cannot be, for it has never seeds like unto Marrilh mallowe, neither may a man make ropes of the bark of it, which things belong unto wild hemp, wherefore it cannot be wild hemp.

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