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    A tumor is a mass of swollen tissue. Researchers at the Medical College of Virginia discovered that cannabis is an incredibly successful herb for reducing many types of tumors, both benign and malignant (cancerous).

    The DEA and other federal agencies had ordered these tumor studies done after hearing of erroneous reports of possible immunicological problems associated with cannabis smoke. When, instead of health problems, an apparent medical breakthrough occurred in 1975 and successful tumor reductions were recorded!1

    1. Cohen & Stillman, Therapeutic Potential of Marijuana, UCLA, 1976; personal interviews with researchers who did this study in Washington, D.C., (1982) with researchers from the Medical College of Virginia.

    Following this incredible positive discover by the Medical College of Virgina, orders were immediately handed down by the DEA and the National Institute of Health to defund all further cannabis/tumor research and reporting! Millions of Americans who should be alive today are dead because of these and other DEA oreders regarding marijuana.

    Since 1996, the Medical College of Virginia has again applied to receive grants for cannabis research and has been turned down by the DEA.

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