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    Cannabis lowers blood pressure, dilates the arteries, and reduces body temperature an average of one-half degree, thereby relieving stress. Evening cannabis smokers in general report more restful sleep.

    Using cannabis allows most persons a more complete rest with the highest amount of “alpha time” possible in sleep as compared to prescription or sleep-inducing patent sedatives.

    Prescription sleeping pills (the so called “legal, safe, and effective” drugs) are often just synthesized analogs of truly dangerous plants like mandrake, henbane, and belladonna.

    As late as 1991, doctors, pharmacists, and drug companies were fighting off new legislation to restrict these often abused compounds (L.A. Times, April 2, 1991).

    Unlike Valium, cannabis does not potentiate the effects of alcohol. It is estimated that cannabis could replace more than 50% of Valium, Librium, Thorazine, Stelazine, other “-zine” drugs, and most sleeping pills.

    It is unconscionable that, over the past two decades, tens of thousands of parents have committed their own children, aged 11 to 17, to be treated by massive doses of so-called “-zine” drugs in order to get them off pot, at the urging of parent groups, the PDFA, the feds, and administrators and doctors from federally approved, private, and high-profit drug rehabilitation centers.

    Often, “-zine” drugs do work to stop these youths from using pot. They also stop a kid from loving his or her dog, too—and the child stands a one-in-four chance of suffering from uncontrollable shaking for the rest of their lives.* But at least they’re not high.

    * The U.S. Center for Disease Control in Atlanta said that 20-40% of “-zine” drug users have or will develop permanent lifetime palsies (shakes), November, 1983. These prescription neurotoxins are chemically related to pesticide and the warfare nerve gas Sarin.

    Hundreds of private drug-rehabilitation centers and their leaders keep this policy alive and in front of the media, often quoting discredited reports from NIDA or DEA (see chapter 15, debunking)— because they earn fat profits selling their useless or destructive “marijuana treatment” for children.

    After all, a relapse just means using marijuana again after a number of bouts with an “authority.” This is mind-control and an attempt to destroy individual free will.

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