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    Virtually the only legal medical cures allowed to people of Western Europe by the Roman Catholic Church Fathers at this time were:

    1. (a) Wearing a bird mask for plague (see picture).

          (b) Setting fractured bones or cleaning burns.

Bird Mask filled with herbs to fend off plague

    2. Bleeding pints and even quarts of blood from all flu, pneumonia, or fever patients (victims) was the most used treatment in Europe and America by doctors until the beginning of the 1900s. It does not work! And did not work for thousands of years no matter how much blood they took.

    3. Praying to specific Saints for a miraculous cure, e.g., St. Anthony for ergotism (poisoning), St. Odilla for blindness, St. Benedict for poison sufferers, St. Vitus for comedians and epileptics\.

    4. Alcohol was legal for a variety of problems.

    In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII singled out cannabis healers and other herbalists, proclaiming hemp an unholy sacrament of the second and third types of satanic mass. This persecution lasted for more than 150 years.

    Satanic knowledge and masses, according to the Medieval Church, came in three types:

    Because medieval priest bureaucrats thought they were sometimes laughed at, ridiculed, and scorned by those under its influence—often by the most learned monks, clerics, and leading citizens—ingesting cannabis was proclaimed heretical and Satanic.

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