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No Harm to Human Brain or Intelligence

    Hemp has been used in virtually all societies since time immemorial as a work motivator and to highlight and renew creative energies.

    (Jamaican study; Coptic study; Costa Rican study; Vedas; Dr. Vera Rubin, Research Institute for the Study of Man; et al)

    In 1981, a study showed that 10 of American’s heaviest pot smokers (from the Coptic religion and residing in Florida) actually believed that using 16 huge high potency spliffs* a day had improved their minds somewhat over a period of 10 years.

    * One spliff is generally equal to five average American joints.

    They were studied by Drs. Ungerlieder and Shaeffer (UCLA) and who showed absolutely no brain differences between them and non-smokers—nor did it confirm any increase in IQ that the Coptics had claimed.

Longer Life, Fewer Wrinkles

    Most studies (matched populations, past and present) indicate that—everything else being equal—an average American pot smoker will live longer than his counterpart who does no drugs at all; with fewer wrinkles, and generally less stress—thereby having fewer illnesses to upset the immune system, and being a more peaceful neighbor.

    (Costa Rican and Jamaican Studies)

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