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Appendix — Historical

Appendix: Historical

illustration © Chris Peltier

Reefer Madness Propaganda Through the Ages

contributed by the Hempstead Company, 1534 East Edinger #7, Santa Ana, CA, 92705, 1-800-284-4367

1910: “Marihuana is the most frightening and vicious drug ever to hit New Orleans.” —New Orleans Public Safety Commission

1920s: “Makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.” —H.J. Anslinger, Bureau of Narcotics

1930: “Marihuana is responsible for the raping of white women by crazed negroes.” —Hearst Newspapers Nationwide

1932: “Hasheesh goads users to blood lust.” —Hearst Newspapers

1935: “Marihuana influenced negroes to look at white people in the eye, step on white men’s shadows, and look at a white woman twice.” —Hearst Newspapers

1937: “Marihuana is the most violent drug in the history of mankind.” —Congressional Testimony, H.J. Anslinger, FBN

1938: “Marihuana is more dangerous than heroin or cocaine.” —Anslinger, Scientific American, May, 1938

1938: “If the hideous monster of Frankenstein came face to face with marihuana, he would drop dead of fright.” —Anslinger, FBN, quoted in Hearst newspaper

1937-50: “Negro entertainers with their jazz and swing music are declared an outgrowth of marihuana use which possesses white women to tap their feet.” —statements to Congress by Anslinger, FBN

1945: “More harmful than habit-forming opium, inducing fits of temporary insanity.” —Newsweek, 1-15-45

1946: “Marihuana is an important cause of crime.” —Bureau of Narcotics, Newsweek, 11-18-46

1948: “Marihuana leads to pacifism and Communist brainwashing.” —Anslinger, before Congress

1973: “Marijuana increases breast size in males.”

1974: “Permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the use of marijuana.” —Ronald Reagan, LA Times

1974: “interferes with reproduction, disease resistance, and basic biological processes.” —Daily Oklahoman, 11-19-74

1980: “Marijuana leads to harder drugs.” —Reagan Administration

1985: “Marijuana use makes you sterile.” —Reagan Administration

1980s: “Marijuana leads to heroin; marijuana causes brain damage.” —the 17-week D.A.R.E. Program

1986: “Marijuana leads to homosexuality, the breakdown of the immune system, and therefore to AIDS.” —Carlton Turner

1990: “Marijuana makes you lazy.” —Partnership for a Drug-Free America

1992: “Marijuana is ten times more dangerous than 20 years ago.” —Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton

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