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Challenge to the Prove Us Wrong!

If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect, and stop deforestation;

Then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial, and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time…

And that substance is—the same one that did it all before—Cannabis Hemp…Marijuana!

Sponsored by: H.E.M.P. (America), Hanf Haus (Germany), Sensi Seeds/Hash Marijuana Museum (Holland), and T.H.C., the Texas Hemp Campaign (America).

For details contact Jack Herer’s organization, Help End Marijuana Prohibition (H.E.M.P.) / 5632 Van Nuys Blvd. #310 / Van Nuys, CA 91401

(818) 988-6210 / Fax: (818) 988-3319

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1 When Hemp Saved George Bush’s Life

Capt. Ed  An Overview of Cannabis Hemp in History

2  Brief Summary of the Uses of Hemp

7 Therapeutic Use of Cannabis


8 Hempseed as the Basic World Food

9  Economics: Energy, Environment, & Commerce

10  Myth, Magic, & Medicine

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949 300 6424

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