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The Mission
by michaelm

From: "E.Fanning"
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 19:49:50 -0800
To: Majik@majik.org
Subject: ElectricEmperorCom(GeorgeBush)

  the difference between the commercial hemp and the kind of hemp you want to save for yourself is like the difference between a 10 watt nightlight and the sun.there is not enough thc in commercially grown hemp too get someone high if he smoked the whole damn acre of it.if you want to legalize to get high ,just say so ,dont put your stupidity off on a politician.you can still buy hemp rope,hammocks,clothes,netting and outdoor gear legally.there are fields of comercial hemp in the us but it wouldnt do you any good to smoke it ,the hemp thats good for fiber has none of what you are looking for put down the joint go to the library and educate yourself.

Dear E.Fanning
  First of all, There are no legal hemp fields in the United States. All hemp products are imported. Canada grows, as does most of Europe, Africa and Asia, but not in the US. 1959 saw the close of the last hemp processing plant, along with it all those hemp fields that used to support it. The Hempstead Company, in 1993, actually got permission by the USDA to grow an acre of hemp under their jurisdiction for research in Brawley, California. The then Attorney General, Dan Lundgren, illegally burned the hemp field down before it could be harvested for study. But we did learn alot from the pre-burn studies. Check it out.


  All those products you mention didn't just appear on the selves. No Sir!!! We had to fight the US government every step of the way. We still have to pay special import duties that don't apply on similar products. Which is why all hemp products are more expensive. We want to use hemp in every way The Maker intended, especially as food. Get the Electric Emperor CD rom and study it. It's filled with the information you refered to in the libraries, and a lot more. We then connected all the dots, so you can begin to see the the whole truth.


  Did you know that the cannabis seed is the very best and most consumed protein on earth until the turn of the 20th century. I always wondered how the pioneer settlers survived until they brought in the crops. I found they crushed the hemp seed to make pancakes, bread, butter, milk, cookies, porridge, gruel, and so much more. It was the all American breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've discovered so many new and delicious consumable products, flavors not tasted by US citizens since 1938. The only high I experienced was a protein high.


What is the problem?
  The human body digests and absorbs the seed easily. They are chock full of essential fatty acids & amino acids. The Omegas 3 & 6, linoleic & lenolaic, all match your body needs exactly. We must have had a symbiotic relationship with the hemp plant for hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years for our bodies to be so influenced. Why didn't a nutritionist or a doctor tell you this long ago? Because they are as ignorant of the information as are most Americans. I've taken hemp seed oil to those suffering from various maladies, from Navajo weavers crippled with arthritis and sugar diabetics, to sickle cell suffers, and in every case they've all reported the healings and living fuller lives. Millions of Americans are demanding our present fascist government to recognize and respect our most cherished of basic of freedoms: To plant His given seed and harvest her bounty; Free market access, Let the consumer decide.

What is the problem?
  Don't fight The Maker's intentions, rather join us in spreading the word. No child on earth has to go hungry. All we have to do is drop bomb loads of cannabis seeds anywhere on earth people are starving. Since the plant grows copiously, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the desert to the sea. Within several weeks children everywhere on earth could walk up to any hemp stalk, harvest the seeds, and become healthy again. "The Best Things in Life are Free."


  Why has this necessary protein been cut out of our diets all these years? Why has the Bush administration's DEA ordered all hemp seed oil and all consumables including hair products off the American shelves? After we fought for so many years, so we can buy it in health food stores.


What is the problem?
  And finally, I fail to see why you are bothered by those who choose herbal medicine over the toxic pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are the 3rd largest killer in our country, with over 120,000 deaths a year due to pharmaceutical overdose!! All the illegal drugs put together amount to less than 4200. Mainly due to the lack of quality control. In this context, a "Controlled Substance" means exactly the opposite. There are no controls. Bad laws guarantee far more deaths because there is no concern for U.S. consumers. Further there are no cannabis fatalities. 0 for over 10,000 years. The same cannot be said of alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine. So why do people have to suffer and die in the name of corporate profit?

   I'm proud to say, I've stood on corners, in the rain, till two or three in the morning, gathering signatures for medical marijuana initiatives. Which have gone on to pass in 12 states with approval ratings from 56% to over 80% at the poles.

Based on the Geneva Convention: "Medical Necessity Supersedes All Law." Which is why the law hasn't and won't be contested in court. The federal marijuana laws are in violation of International medical and moral codes. The cannabis consumer is certainly not a new thing. It's as American as apple pie. The best examples of legendary American pot heads are none other than George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. TJ invented the new hemp break of his era. Just outside his study lay his garden. In the architectural plans he wrote "for Cannabis Sativa. Makes me think clear." He suffered from migraines and found relief with the herbal medicine. It took a real pot head to pen the Declaration of Independence. (Do you think he was stoned?)


  George Washington wrote in his diary " Just missed pulling my male plants by two days... Now I must wait another season for my blossoming hemp." There is only one reason to pull the males and George was legendary at it.. Why do you think he was so well respected by his men, even in the worst of times? His dad's favorite cherry tree was cannabis. Cherry trees didn't exist in the US until 1912 when Japan made a gift of them. "Cherry" refers to the red hot burning embers in the pipe or at the tip of a joint. As legend goes, he said, "I cannot tell a lie... It was I." Anybody knows when your stoned, it's very difficult to keep up with a lie.

The lessons soon open the eyes and one begins to see where the truth ends and the abyss of lies begin.

  This is a "Synthetic Toxic Corporate" war, waged against mother nature, pure and simple. Example: Betsy Ross made our flag out of hemp. We proudly saluted cannabis fibers world wide until the marijuana tax of 1937. In 1938 Dupont said "No problem! We have a synthetic hemp, (emphasis on Syn). We call it nylon." Now you salute Dupont's toxic corporate profit world wide. People are thrown into prison, homes broken up, lives destroyed and ruined, for doing what our founding fathers & mothers did. Bad laws created by corrupt politicians, paid for by the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, timber, alcohol and tobacco industries. And they continue their evil deeds to this day, for they stand to lose up to 80% of their synthetic profits. Once we stop paying the corporate royalty fee, for inferior, toxic products then we can revert to the natural cycle once again.

  Why do we continue paying the middle east the greater part of our national wealth for toxic fossil oil? Instead, we can hand all that money over to the American farmer to produce green fuel. You get better mileage, and it's worst emission is what you exhale, CO2. Next year's crop is reconverting it back into O2. Hemp is the natural cycle fuel our maker intended us to use. Hell, the farmer will give us the food for free, cause their making so much money from fuel. And best of all we would decentralize power world wide. Do you realize how rich financially and spiritually, we would be as a nation, simply by following the laws of nature, and not man?

  The war on the Blessed Herb is a fundamental travesty leashed on this good earth by man's greed. The war is an abaration to human kind; in mind, body, and spirit. Check the Christian and Judaic Bibles, the old testimate. Genesis 1-11 and 1-12. "Behold I have given you the herb bearing seeds... and you shall use them as meat."

What is the problem, oh Babylon?
lack of information, mon
That's all

art director

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