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"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson

The Mission

Jury Backs
CA Medical Marijuana!!!

The acquittal of "Sister" Somayah Kambui by an L. A. jury on marijuana cultivation charges, (200lbs) much of which was dirt left on the roots when pulled out of the ground, should serve as the signal; the time has come for local authorities to cooperate with medical marijuana patients. Ms. Kambui, is a sickle-cell anemia patient with a recommendation from a licensed physician. A bona fide patient covered by Prop. 215, the medical marijuana law passed by voters in a 1996 landslide. "Medical Neccessity Supersedes All Law!" Geneva Convention

Hemp Seeds
are Back!!!

Last month, effective Feb. 6th 2002, a ban on all HEMP seed nutritional products went into effect by the DEA. Soon there after, Canadian HEMPnutritional product producers and other producers of soaps, shampoos,lotions etc. Sued the US under NAFTA for $25,000,000 in losses do to the HEMP seed ban.

King of Pot Books Pleads Innocent
to D.E.A. Marijuana Charges

Caught in a struggle between federal and state authorities who have been at odds since California as 10 other states have legalized medical marijuana, Ed Rosenthal freely admits to growing 600 plants agents seized from an Oakland warehouse on Feb. 12. "The laws against medical marijuana puts anyone with a conscience in the middle of a major conflict, " Rosenthal said. "You want to help patients, but the federal government says it's illegal."

New York Times Full-Page
Pro-Medical Marijuana Ad

As the Bush Administration continues its multi million dollar advertising campaign linking non-violent American youth who have tried illegal drugs with funding for terrorism, an ad by the Drug Policy Alliance featuring the president will appear in Washington, DC‚s Roll Call this Thursday, February 28 saying the Administration has gone too far.

N.A.A.C.P. Sues Florida
for Voting Fraud

Two Florida secretaries of state, Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, both protégées of Governor Jeb Bush -- ordered 57,700 "ex-felons," who are prohibited from voting by state law, to be removed from voter rolls. (In the thirty-five states where former felons can vote, roughly 90 percent vote Democratic.) 

How Enron Did Texas

The chronical of Enron escapades that lead to a bought and paid for election and ultimate appointments of Bush/Cheney Administration, many of which are former Enron executives.

Enron Secretly funds GOP
up to $700K

In a shocking new development in the Enron scandal, Newsweek has divulged that Enron gave $50,000 to its $700,000 a year to lobbyist and prominent G.O.P. Operative Ed Gillespie to make alliances with conservative groups in order to launch partisan attacks against Democrats. The bombshell report demolishes the Republican argument, both parties were equally tainted.

76 Patriotic Reasons
to Impeach Bush/Cheney!

A sober look at George W. Bush's first year in office: 0. After the "Great Appointed", he left the Pentagon open to attack by ending a 16 year multi tiered tatical responce team, began by his father, and honed by President Clinton. Then, too late, calls F-15s from 120 miles or 20 minutes away. Instead of Andrews Air Force Base only 10 miles away, where the Team was waiting. At the very least, Criminal Negligence...maybe worse...

Marijuana is Medicine

Tests sanctioned by US Government are proving far more successful than doctors, patients and cannabis campaigners ever dared hope. Some of the patients are simply calling it a 'miracle'.

DEA Attacks
LA Medical Marijuana Center

West L.A Officials protest DEA agents who descended on the LA Cannabis Resource Center, seizing all of the center's computers, files, bank account, plants, and medicine. Effectively closing the most respected Clinic.

First to Get High

Human beings were not the first to use recreational drugs. Some apes take stimulants and hallucinogens, sometimes munching roots that now show promise in treating human addicts, say scientists.

Bush Seizes
Dictatorial Power

  The Court appointed President of the United States has just assumed what amounts to dictatorial power to jail or execute aliens...letting George W. Bush get away with the replacement of the American rule of law with military kangaroo courts.

'GUILTY for 9-11:
The Cover Story

  In Part 1, Section 1 we demonstrated that Andrews Air Force base, 10 miles from the Pentagon, had combat-ready fighter squadrons on September 11th. Why didn't jets scramble from Andrews until after the Pentagon was hit?

USA PATRIOT Act of Holloween
Abrogates 4th Amendment

Critics both left and right are saying it not only strips Americans of fundamental rights but does little or nothing to secure the nation from terrorist attacks.

War on Terrorism "Fraud"

The Bush Administration, merges War on Drugs with the War on Terrorism. Cannabis users are now concidered potential terrorists. "Illegal drug use contributes to terrorism." They say. We say, "Herbal use doesn't.... However, filling your fuel tank with Middle East Oil through American Oil Corps is by far the biggest contributor to terrorism."

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