Does God speak through Ethiopia?
(or at least is there something spiritual
about the place we need to take a look at?)

    History of human evolution beginning in Ethiopia  
    Evolutionary Context for the Oldest Archaeology  
    Oldest tools dug up in Ethiopia  
    Sabeans came from Ethiopia  
    Original Black Ethiopia Israelites  
    The Origins of Freemasonry support Moses visit to Ethiopia  
    Historical legend links Moses' as King of Ethiopia  
    The History of Ethiopian Jews  
    According to Ethiopian legend, the Holy Ark of the Covenant was brought from Jerusalem to Axum by Menelik  
    King Solomon dynasty considered oldest in the world  
    Ethiopia: "Home of the Ark of the Covenant"  
    Ethiopians stake their identity on being heirs of Solomon and keepers of his treasure  
    Ethiopian History - Ethiopia in the Bible  
    Photographs of Axum and Lalibela  
    The Oldest Christian Church  
    Photographs of Axum  
    Article: Jesus travel to Ethiopia according to this Coptic Church  
    Islam in Ethiopia  
    Islam in Ethiopia  
    Photographs of Ethiopia  
    Ethiopia Is Becoming Africa's First Modern Empire  
    The Queen of the Sheba will appear at the Judgement when this generation is on trial  
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