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    Reduction of the source of pollution, usually from manufacturing with petrochemicals or their derivatives, is a cost-cutting waste control method often called for by environmentalists.

    Whether the source of pollution is CFCs (chloro-flouro-carbons) from refrigeration, spray cans, computers, or tritium and plutonium produced for military uses, or the sulfuric acids used by papermakers, the goal is reducing the source of pollution.

    In the supermarket when you are asked to choose paper or plastic for your bags, you are faced with an environmental dilemma: paper from trees that were cut, or plastic bags made from fossil fuel and chemicals. With a third choice available—hemp hurd paper—one could choose a biodegradable, durable paper from an annually renewable source—the cannabis hemp plant.

    The environmental advantages of harvesting hemp annually—leaving the trees in the ground!—for papermaking, and for replacing fossil fuels as an energy source, become crucial for the source reduction of pollution.

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