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    Before Anslinger started the pacifist zombie-marijuana scare in 1948, he publicly used jazz music, violence, and the “gore files” for five to seven more years (1943-50) in the press, at conventions, lectures, and Congressional hearings.

    We now know that on the subject of hemp, disguised as marijuana, Anslinger was a bureaucratic police liar.

    For more than 60 years now Americans have been growing up with and accepting Anslinger’s statements on the herb—from violence to evil pacifism and finally to the corrupting influence of music.

    Whether this was economically or racially inspired, or even because of up-beat music or some kind of synergistic (combined) hysteria; it is impossible to know for sure. But we do know the U.S. government (e.g., DEA) information disseminated on cannabis was then, and continues to be, a deliberate deception.

    As you will see in the following chapters, the weight of empirical fact and large amounts of corroborating evidence indicate that the former Reagan/Bush/Quayle administrations, along with their unique pharmaceutical connections (see “Bush/Quayle/Lilly Pharmaceutical Sell-out” sidebar at the end of this chapter), have probably conspired at the highest levels to withhold information and to disinform the public, resulting in the avoidable and needless deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

    And they did it, it seems, intending to save their own investment—and their friends’—in the pharmaceutical, energy, and paper industries; and to give these poisonous, synthetic industries an insane advantage over natural hemp and protect the billions of dollars in annual profits that they stood to lose if the hemp plant and marijuana were not prohibited!

    As a result, millions of Americans have wasted millions of years in jail time, and millions of lives have been and continue to be ruined by what started out as Hearst’s, Anslinger’s, and DuPont’s shameful economic lies, vicious racial libels, and bigoted musical taste.

If this is truly God's Green Earth Then He is also Guilty of Cultivation

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