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    Eli Lilly, Pfizer, and others stand to lose a third of their entire, highly profitable, patent monopoly on such drugs as Darvon, Tuinal, Seconal, and Prozac (as well as other patented medications ranging from muscle ointments to burn ointments, to thousands of other products) because of a plant anyone can grow: cannabis hemp.

    Isn’t it curious that American drug companies and pharmacist groups* supply almost half the funding for the 4,000 “Families Against Marijuana” type organizations in America? The other half is supplied by Action (a federal VISTA agency) and by tobacco companies such as Philip Morris, and liquor and beer makers such as Anhauser Busch, Coors, etc., or as a ‘public service’ by the ad agencies who represent them.

    * Pharmacists Against Drug Abuse, etc. See appendices in the paper version of this book.

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