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    The World Health Organization’s conservative estimate: some 500,000 persons are poisoned each year in Third World countries by drugs, pesticides, etc. that are sold to them by American companies, but which are banned from sale in the U.S.

    Colombia’s largest newspaper, Periodical el Tiempo (Bogota) reported in 1983 that these same anti-marijuana crusading American pharmaceutical companies are guilty of a practice known as “product dumping,” wherein they “sell on the over-the-counter markets of Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, over 150 different illegal, dangerous drugs. This report has not been disputed by the U.S. government or American pharmaceutical companies and the practice continues in 1999.

    Some of these drugs have been forbidden by the FDA for sale or use in the U.S. or its counterparts in Europe because they are known to cause malnutrition, deformities, and cancer. Yet they are sold over the counter to unsuspecting illiterates!

    The World Health Organization backs up this story with a conservative estimate: they say that some 500,000 persons are poisoned each year in Third World countries by items (drugs, pesticides, etc.) sold by American companies but which are banned for sale in the U.S.

    Mother Jones magazine, 1979, “Unbroken Circle” June, 1989; The Progressive, April, 1991; et al.

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