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Musical selection is “Katinka”, This Side of Sanity, © 1991 Jeff Avella.

This Side of Sanity

musicians who just don’t fit into a single genre box

vocal tracks

instrumental tracks

Christmas Song
(punk rock/blues parody)
El Capitan Edwardo
(Spanish guitar)
Scott’s Theme/Torch Trilogy
(soft rock with jazz intro)
La Cuerva
(Spanish guitar)
Rude Awakening
(arena rock)
Pensando en ti
(Spanish guitar)
For the Last Time
(hard rock)
Enola Gay
(art metal)
Time Heals
(folk rock)
Per Bast Dance
(belly dancing)
Find Your Way Home
(dance/power pop)
Toner 1
(hard rock)
Shit Happens
(power pop)
(power pop)
Dream Girl
(New Age)
Remind Me Never/In Decision
(art rock)
(New Age)
Don’t Try to Make It Alone
(hard rock)
Pig of Destiny
(hard rock)
Boys From Melbourne
(melodic metal)
Crystal Ball

This Side of Sanity is:

    This Side of Sanity brought together musicians from widely diverse musical backgrounds to play music without genre borders. It probably isn’t particularly commercial to ignore the limits of radio station formats, but musically it sure is much more satisfying to play whatever we find interesting or fun.

    We don’t have a record contract. We are making our music available for free download over the internet. If you like the music (or even just one song), how about supporting our direct distribution by sending us the money that would normally go to a record company? Send your money to Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, California, 92781, USA. Thanks!!!

    radio airplay: If you hear this song played on the radio, let me know which radio station and when so we can list it in the next edition of the Electric Emperor.

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