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    Jack has done it.

    With incredible precision, backed by voluminous research, he has placed his finger on the point where all the trends that threaten to overwhelm the world come together. And at the core of these complexities, he has found HEMP.

    The premise of Jack Herer’s book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, is fanciful in the extreme: That the diverse properties of the scorned and condemned marijuana plant could provide sufficient clothing, oil, medicine, fuel, food, and shelter for all the peoples of the world, if completely legalized and commercialized; and that hemp might prove to be the means of saving the planet (us) from acid rain, global warming, and the depletion of our precious forests and fossil fuels.

    Further—that the alleged dangers of marijuana smoking pale before the many advantages that are potential in the free commerce in hemp and its byproducts.

    Now that Jack has pointed out these facts to a changing world searching for truth—the people, of course, will quickly set things right by renouncing the 1961 Single Convention Treaty on drugs and marijuana, and will tool-up to produce a wealth of quality, ecologically sound goods for an upwardly mobile society.

    As a science fiction writer, this view of an altered world of clean skies and lush forests, filled with freedom-loving people living in hemp houses, driving their hemp-fueled hemp cars down hemp-lined freeways, dressed in their hemp finery, eating their hemp tofu salad is very appealing to me.

    Jack makes a very good case for it being possible. And in my reading his informative book I find that I am charmed.

    Apparently Jack Herer has a dream—his future has hemp fully integrated into the society such that the need—for fossil fuels and synthetic fibers—for eample, will have been replaced by natural substances that are annually renewable and non-toxic. He sees our intelligence raised and our healthimproved by the complete edistin protein and the essential fatty acids, linolinic and linoleic, that are found in adundance in the flesh and oil of the hempseed. He sees our shelter, food, clothing, medicines, fuels, and mental state will have been spiritually effected for the better because of hemp. He has devoted his life to making his future become true. I can live in it.

—George Clayton Johnson;

Author of eight Twilight Zone episodes, Twilight Zone (The Movie), Logan’s Run (book and movie), Star Trek, Oceans Eleven, Kung Fu, etc. May 15, 1998

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