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Appendix — General

Appendix — General

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cannabis leaf in a diamond shape Appendices


    My final dedication, to my old, dear friend, “Crazy Bill” Rosson, decorated WWII Naval hero of Guadacanal who, in his last words to me, two days before his death in December, 1989 said, “...don’t you ever stop going after them [the government], they can’t stand up to your information-they’ll try to ignore it, but you keep putting it out there and they’ll fall. They [the old police state-government] will be over and they will all be remembered as an old ugly joke. Promise me Jack, no matter what, you’ll keep going after them.”

cannabis leaf in a diamond shape APPENDIX

    Now that we’ve had our say, we thought you might want to look over some of the primary source material and evidence yourself. But we know what it can be like, trying to get to the library and all, so we’ve decided to bring the library to you. It’s been deliberately set it up to allow you to make discoveries of your own, with every turn of the page, as you go along. We hope you enjoy reading through it.


Appendix — Schlichten/Scripps Letters

Appendix — Cultural

Appendix — Environmental

Appendix — Industrial

Appendix — Medicinal

Appendix — Historical

Appendix — Legal

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