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Editor ’s Note

    To the 1993/94 Edition of Emperor

    This ninth edition of The Emperor, produced in momentous times, contains some momentous new information. We’ve worked the new information into the text where appropriate, and added the bulk of it to the beginning of the appendix.

    First is the startling discovery that the decorticator, the machine that separates fiber from pulp (and was touted in the 1938 Popular Mechanics “New Billion Dollar Crop” article as “A machine which solves a problem more than 6,000 years old”) was actually invented earlier this century by G.W. Schlichten. The story of how the decorticator caught the attention of major capitalists of Schlichten’s time begins on page 13, with full reproduction of the archival letters reveal the story contained in the appendix.

    True to the subject and the theme of The Emperor, the Schlichten / Scripps letter reads like a morality tale of corporate greed. When given an opportunity to better conditions for mankind, the choice was apparently made to serve mammon, the god of avarice, instead. Jesus told us, You cannot serve God and mammon. It is time for us to choose who it is we serve more wisely.

    French and German editions of The Emperor were published this year (by Les Editions du Lezard and Zweitausendeins), leading to two more discoveries. First is Isochanvre, an amazing building material being fabricated in France from hemp herds. Isochanvre is as strong as concrete while being many times lighter and longer-lasting, because it actually petrifies into a mineral state.

    Equally amazing, The Emperor’s German editor, Mathias Brockers, uncovered a pamphlet for the war effort in a program that paralleled the U.S. “Hemp for Victory” program. This charming and eye-opening document is reproduced in the appendix in the original German, accompanied by its English translation and its American counterpart.

    NOTE: Jack says that a few people to whom he has shown this pamphlet have reacted negatively because of a perceived association between hemp and Hitler. We implore the reader to look beyond any prejudices in this direction. It is possible that prejudice against Schlichten, the German inventor of the decorticator, has kept hemp off the market all these years.

    I gained a new appreciation for The Emperor while working on this edit, watching how Jack pondered over every line to ensure its whole and complete truth. I ask the skeptical reader: if his theory is untrue, why do we keep uncovering more volumes of evidence affirming it?

    1993 marks the year when hemp was planted in England for paper. It is also the year that the demand for hemp products exceed their supply. It can only be a matter of time now before hemp will be grown once more in this country. California activists are invited to join the petition drive for the California Hemp Initiative, which will make hemp legal for industrial, medicinal, nutritional, and personal use in private. Other initiatives are underway in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Arizona.

    We are indebted to Fran Marr, who patiently transcribed the changes to this edition; Eric Steinhauer for the German translation; Florence of C.I.R.C. for French translation; Geneva and Summer Reese for proofreading; Ed Kunkle for indexing and paste-up; Chris Conrad for jetting in to provide the final touches; and hemp activists everywhere for all the information you keep sending.

    I was honored to work on this book as I am in the movement. Thanks to all my friends, family, and comrades for keeping the spirit high as we march together toward victory.

Ellen Komp

November 18, 1993

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