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    For the 1991 edition of Emperor; April 10, 1991

    In 1988, when I first read Jack Herer’s 1985 version of Emperor, I knew I had uncovered a diamond in the rough, and resolved to polish it up. Since then, I’ve been honored to work with a dedicated core of talented people to bring out the many faceted gem within. We have refined, expanded, and consolidated the text, and organized the information into four major sections: the text, the bibliography / index, a smorgasbord-style collection of documents in the appendix, along with numerous order forms and resources in the back.

    The release of the 1990 edition of Emperor sent shock waves across the nation and has changed forever the way people think—and talk—about the cannabis hemp plant. It has been gratifying to see the incredible information that has been uncovered in the past year, as well as the development of my editorial associates, Lynn and Judy Osburn and Shan Clark, whose research and support have made this 1991 revision possible.

    So much has changed over the past year that what began as a modest update became almost a total rewrite of the book. Many people who own previous editions of Emperor will want to give away their old copy to get this new, even more powerful resource. This year’s edition has fewer illustrations, so as to make room for new materials and still keep the information as accessible and readable as possible.

    There is so much in the appendix that we had to shrink some of the documents down to where you need a magnifying glass or enlarged copies to read them. We tried this ourselves, and it worked quite well. We regret the poor quality of some documents we included, but these copies are the best we could locate, and many have been virtually lost elsewhere. Almost daily updates have been incorporated into the text to make it as current as possible. The amount of new information on hemp that is being developed borders on overwhelming; but if you have any documented tidbits for future editions of Emperor, or better, copies of documents found in the appendix, please share them with us.

    So, let me again thank everyone who helped compile and authenticate this information (you know who you are). May there never be the need for such a task again. And thank you for taking the time to read this important book. We hope this startling information gets you active in changing this gross injustice, hemp prohibition.

    Together we shall carry the day.


Chris Conrad, author of Hemp, Lifeline to the Future

Founder and Director, Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH)

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