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    Marijuana has been known to humankind for untold thousands of years. Government has attempted to prohibit its use for the past 50. As with all previous attempts at prohibition, the attempt has been a dismal failure: people are simply not deterred from marijuana usage because of its illegality. Yet the prohibition continues and vast amounts of time, energy, and money are spent in the effort.

    In Josephine County, Oregon, 20% of the felony cases processed through the Circuit Court involved marijuana; 75% of those cases involved marijuana possessed or grown for personal consumption. This reflects national trends, i.e., 600,000 arrested in 1984 alone. We must ask at this point, if it is worth the effort.

    Only in the light of knowledge, are we able to answer such questions. This enlightening book details the history of marijuana, the history of its prohibition, and the present state of the pharmacological facts about the herb.

    In the calm light of understanding, we realize that the effort to prohibit marijuana—born in hysteria and racism, continued in self-righteousness and repression—has no substantial basis whatsoever: no fact, whether political, economic, medical, moral, or correctional, can justify the effort.

    This book is well-documented, often startling, and sometimes outrageous, but never less than fascinating, and above all, a thoroughly enjoyable, not to mention educational experience.

—Michael E. Rose

Attorney at Law

May 2, 1985

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  Overview of the History of Cannabis Hemp Brief Summary of the Uses of Hemp New Billion Dollar Crop The Last Days of Legal Cannabis Marijuana Prohibition Medical Literature on Cannabis Medicine
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Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13
Therapeutic Use of Cannabis Hempseed as the Basic World Food Economics: Energy, Environment, & Commerce Myth, Magic, & Medicine The (Hemp) War of 1812, Napoleon & Russia Cannabis Drug Use in 19th Century America Prejudice: Marijuana and Jim Crow Laws
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Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Appendix Initiatives Bibliography Bonus Section
More than Sixty Years of Suppression The Official Story: Debunking “Gutter Science” The Emperor’s New Clothes Original Sources   Recommended Reading  

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